Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Technology Difficulties

These first few weeks of school have proven that I am incorrigible because I repeatedly forget my things at school and at home! Last Thursday my volleyball team had a game against the Village School at four-thirty that we were all super excited about. Our team was impatient because Village had always defeated our team, but this time we were determined to beat them. Thirty minutes before I was supposed to be ready for the game, I noticed that I didn't have my volleyball shoes, or any shoes that I could play in. I instantly ran out of the locker room and into the trophy hall frantically asking if anyone had any extra shoes. While I was looking for shoes; my teammate, socks. I sprinted down the carpeted halls of the upper school and up the stairs until I reached the door of my friend's mom who is a high school teacher. I was going to ask her to drive me to my house, which is really close to school, so I could grab my shoes and be back in time, but her room was dark and the door was locked! I grabbed my white iPhone 4 and attempted to call her but it suddenly turned off! I was so frustrated and couldn't communicate with anyone on my team so the only thing I could do was sprint back to the trophy hall and hope for the best... When I got to the trophy hall, my teammate's mom was there dropping off snacks and luckily she took me home to get my shoes and right when I got back to school, my phone started working again. It's like my phone was purposely trying to make me late!

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