Friday, September 27, 2013

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

“Life (is) like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”. Even though people don’t choose the box, people get choose what to do with the chocolates inside it. The hidden meaning of this simile comes to life as Forrest Gump rescues Lieutenant Dan and helps him find peace with his new life. Similar to Gump, Elroy Berdahl in The Things They Carried acts as a silent mentor and helps Tim O’ Brien confront the reality of going to war.
Before Lieutenant Dan found peace with his life, he wanted to find peace through his death. His dream was to die with honor in the battlefield similar to his forefathers. Lieutenant Dan’s fantasy crumples under Gump’s fast running feet when Gump rescues Dan from his valiant death. Now, as a double amputee, Dan’s life quickly turns to shambles; he becomes a homeless man in a wheelchair living off welfare. Forrest invites Dan to go shrimping. On the shrimping boat, Forrest doesn’t talk much; as a result, Dan figures out that life dealt him a bad hand, but he can still overcome that. Dan is able to swallow his pride as he finds new meaning in life. Later, he tells Forrest he “never thanked [Forest] for saving him.” He overcomes his initial disappointment of not dying honorably into an opportunity to find harmony from his time he spent in war and continue on in life.
Similar to Mr. Gump, Elroy Berhald acts as a quiet guardian for Tim. The draft forces Tim to fight in a war he opposes. He wants to run away to Canada to escape fighting in the war. On his way to Canada, he stops at Elroy’s inn, The Tip Top Lodge. Elroy escorts Tim to the Canadian border, forcing Tim to confront reality: running away is a choice he just cannot face. Tim realizes that he must go fight in the war. He can not run away because everyone will think less of him and he has to accept his fate. Tim understands he has to face his unfortunate destiny, but he comes to peace with it and moves.
Both Tim and Dan learn from their silent mentors. They come to identical conclusions that lead to different paths. Tim finds peace going into war, and Dan finds peace after war. “Even though you are pinned down by a war you have never felt more at peace,” (31). The divergent point of war is ironic because war should cause terror and confusion, but not peace. They both come to peace with the box of chocolates presented as they choose which chocolates they want to take out of the box. They can choose to hate life and throw the box of chocolates away, or accept that they have been given a box of chocolates they didn’t like, but taste the chocolates anyway. Thankfully, they both choose the latter. Doing so, Lieutenant Dan gets his life on track with the help of his fiancĂ©e, and Tim makes his way to Vietnam bravely.
Tim and Dan wouldn’t have been able to come to their realizations without their voiceless mentors. Similar to a father allowing his son to learn the world by himself, Forrest and Elroy help guide Dan and Tim. The parallel between Dan and Tim’s experiences of accepting what life has given to them show how effective it is to guide rather than to teach. With the proper voiceless guidance, people can understand whatever life throws at them, and they will still be able to move forward.
Forrest Gump. Dir. Robert Zemeckis Perf. Tom Hanks. Paramount Pictures, 1994. Film

Friday, September 6, 2013

Nike's logo, Just Do It, is very powerful to the consumer. It is not a slight suggestion, but a strong statement. It promotes the equipment of Nike very well, but it is more than just a slogan, it makes you want to do something.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kix cereal slogan

I like the Kix cereal slogan, "Kid tested, mother approved." It tells us that it tastes good and that it's good for you.

Corona Extra "Find your beach"

The Corona Extra, "Find your beach" ad really pops out to me. It was very smart to use a beach to advertise because people love the beach. Corona makes the comparison that whenever you are drinking a Corona Extra, it is like being at a beach. This was a very smart move in my opinion by Corona.

Lindsey Siff-- Attractive & Fat

Even though Abercrombie & Fitch logos have no words, I think they are moving. As many of you know, the CEO only wants young, skinny and beautiful women and men to buy his clothing. And even though this is wrong, Abercrombie still sells their clothing; however, people are getting tired of seeing skinny women on bags, ads and billboards. So, people tried to tarnish Mark Jeffries's (the CEO's) reputation. First, you-tubers gathered all their Abercrombie clothing and handed them out to the homeless. And now, professionals are making mock Abercrombie ads with healthy-sized women instead of the stick-skinny, stereotypical models. They call themselves "Attractive & Fat" and I think it shows how 'fat' women can be just as beautiful. 
These pictures are posted on the Huffington Post, and the article that comes with these pictures is very moving and inspiring.

"Eat Mor Chikin"

I think that Chick-fil-A's slogan "Eat more chikin" is a very interesting, original slogan that separates their brand from other fast food companies. What is one thing that almost all fast food places have in common on their menu? The burger. Chick-fil-A is one of the few places where you can not find this popular item, and their slogan helps you realize that. Instead of taking that as a negative, you embrace it because it is a part of the brand itself.

"Everyday should feel this good."

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The Vineyard Vines slogan, "Everyday should feel this good." cultivates an image of relaxation and freedom of stress. This mantra fits well with the preppy and sea-going look of Vineyard Vines clothing. The limited usage of words carries a heavy impact that is desired to leave the viewer with the feeling tranquility associated with vacation. The obvious desire to be carefree and happy as the motto and image of a beach implies will make the viewer want to buy Vineyard Vines clothing.
I think that Rice Krispies "snap, crackle, pop", is a catchy slogan that both describes the cereal and recreates the noises heard when eating the cereal. This slogan is rather unconventional because it only consists of three verbs. However, this slogan is very interesting because it appeals the senses. By simply reading the slogan, I am able hear the snap, crackle, pop of Rice Krispies.



The Apple slogan "Think different." inspires innovation by encouraging atypical approaches to everyday problems. A few simple words open a world of possibilities where anything is achievable. Apple's ideology has revolved around this message from the beginning, something that has brought the company great popularity and success. 

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EA "Challenge Everything"

I like the EA slogan "Challenge Everything" It helps promote an attitude of action. I feel like this slogan helps promote a sense of identity. By challenging everything, you make yourself worth something. You don't just sit back and watch, you get up and do something.

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The adidas slogan, "Impossible is nothing." is truly one of the most inspiring slogan in advertising history. It makes one want to go outside and work on making their dreams come true. Their advertising does a very good job of promoting their sports products by saying nothing is impossible. This is one of the big reasons that Adidas is such a successful company.

This slogan "Red Bull Gives You Wings" is very good for the energy drink Red Bull. I think it is perfect because this energy drink supposedly gives you a lot of energy. It gives you so much energy that it allows you to grow "wings" and accomplish things you would never think of doing. I think that if you are drinking it and you hear this, it would encourage you to go out of your comfort zone to "fly" and reach limits you would never have reached without the energy the drink gave you. This is why red Bull is the sponsor of many of the top teams of the top sports in the world that want to go far and reach new limits. For example Red Bull very strategically sponsored Felix Baumgartner, the person who jumped from a record breaking 38,000 meter hight for parachute jump record, it is almost as if he "grew wings" when he jumped.

The image  is a nike ad with their slogan "just do it." I feel like this ad is powerful as it encourages determination and competitive spirit, thus leading to optimal athletic performance. Just Do It is also another way of saying, take risks and test your limits. This will ultimately lead to success. The slogan is particularly effective because it is short. sweet, and memorable. 

"Just Do It"

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The Nike slogan "Just do it" is the perfect slogan for my words. The term "Just Do It" means to push through what ever you are going through and do what you are striving to accomplish. You don't want to let un relevant or non important things impede you of your goal. Rather you are tired in the fourth quarter and have to keep hustling? Or you have a paper you have to finish for the following morning. You have to "Just do it" because if you don't, it only hurts yourself.
I like at&t's slogan "Your world. Delivered." In this day and age much of our world is, in fact, on our phones, and therefore this advertisement is accurate. The advertisement also gives the consumers the feeling of safety in that the word "delivered" has the connotation of not having to do any work and having the service just given to the consumer, which is what most people look for in a service provider. This slogan is also simple, making it easy to remember.
The Nike slogan "Just do it" is the perfect slogan for my words. The term "Just Do It" means to push through what ever you are going through and do what you are striving to accomplish. You don't want to let un relevant or non important things impede you of your goal. Rather you are tired in the fourth quarter and have to keep hustling? Or you have a paper you have to finish for the following morning. You have to "Just do it" because if you don't, it only hurts yourself.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Engergizer's motto is "Keep going", I chose this slogan personally because I believe it can send out positive mindsets and actions. I know this relates to batteries having energy but to me, this includes some standards such as confidence, goals, and expectations. Also, I really like the pink fuzzy bunny that always goes across the television screen. :) Anyways, this slogan seems to be great whenever you need a little upbeat in you.

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