Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The thing I most enjoy about technology today, is the iPhone. I have the white iPhone4 and i love it. The texting is great because it sends your texts(most of the time) really fast, the internet is always fast, and i like how i can check my email whenever i want. The only bad thing about my iPhone is that i got it wet this summer. I was in Argentina...on my birthday...and i had just gotten my new phone 2 days before Argentina so of course i was going to bring it. My family, and field hockey group that i was going with all told me to not bring it because it was brand new but of course i did anyways. It was my birthday night and we were running back to the hotel in the pouring down rain, with my phone protected in my jacket to it wouldnt get wet. Somehow, even to this day i still wonder how this managed to happen, but it flew out of my jacket and straight into this huge puddle. I didnt even notice that it was gone until the people running behind me picked it up and ran up to me handing it to me. Ever sense then, my phone always has this message that pops up ever time i get a text message and it is so annoying. About an hour after it happened and all my anger went away, we all started joking about it saying "Happy Birthday Allison, you broke your iPhone!!" Besides this message that pops up, the iPhone is still my favorite technology today.

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