Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Significance of Technology

I use technology everyday. From facebook, to television, to my iPhone, technology is almost always actively participating in my life. Even when I'm outdoors swimming, running, golfing, or doing something of that sort, I still might check my cell phone if I get a call or a text. For my generation, technology is an essential part of life; for older generations, a nuisance. Many people from previous generations, especially those from my grandparents generation, participate in the technological wave that is currently sweeping across the world; some still decide to separate themselves completely from it, carping that technology is silly and unnecessary. Technology is very necessary though, and it connects the world in a way that it has never been connected before. Technology certainly affects my life and a daily basis, and it unites the world so effectively that no place is left out.

computers, phones, facebook status
Theres a picture of Assasin in his new dodge stratus
From Africa to Asia to the USA
you know that technology's here to stay
J Strongs tweetin but his rhymes ain't serious
just kiddin cuz those other rappers are delirious
Im just sayin that you better watch out
cuz Swaggers here to Schwag you out

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