Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Friday Night Reading Frenzy

One late friday afternoon, I came home to do my annual friday night hobby, reading a great book. So I get home around 6:30 in the evening, and as I walk in the door, I sense this raging smell coming from the kitchen. I walk into the kitchen and its my favorite meal, a nice breast of chicken and some zucchini. I chow down on my meal and as I am eating, I look over and see that my dog is chewing up my book! So I walk over and grab the book out of my dogs mouth. The book was tarnished. I ran into my mothers room balling crying, yelling to her what happened. She says,
"Calm down, it will be ok. Here! Take my kindle and download the book you were reading."
I jumped for joy and ran up to my room to start reading. So I downloaded the book and was ready for action, but I knew that there was something missing. Oh yeah! I love to drink a nice cup of coffee while I read my books. In fact, if you look at the majority of the books I have read, you will see coffee stains on some of the pages. So I hustle downstairs to grab my cup of coffee and run back up. I quickly start the book at the page that I left off at from last saturday night. Don't Ask How I remember HAHA!! So as I am reading, I realize that because I got off to such a late start, it is already 9:00 at night. THIRTY MINUTES AWAY FROM MY BEDTIME!!!! So I took a quick sip of my coffee to settle my self down, and then the coffee burned the tip of tongue. I freaked out and my coffee tipped over, all over my mom's new kindle. The Kindle started sparking up and just shut down, right then and there. I walked downstairs slowly to drop the news on my mom. When I told her, she was furious, she told me I am grounded. So I asked her how so? And she told me that my bed time for weekends is now moved up from 9:30 to 9:00. Then she said to me,
"The worst part of it all, you are not allowed to read books on weekends for two weeks."
I started balling crying and ran upstairs quickly. I shoved my face down in my pillow, and later I fell asleep in that same spot.

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