Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stephen Colbert on "Truthiness"

Dear Students, If you've never seen or heard of Stephen Colbert, he is a comedian who specializes in cultural criticism. He has a late-night television show on Comedy Central called The Colbert Report, wherein he parodies, or satirizes, the news on prime time television networks. For your post-seminar activity related to our study of The Things They Carried, watch this clip about "truthiness" from "The Word" segment of Colbert's show in 2005. Ask yourself how Colbert is using situational irony to make his point. Ask yourself what relationship this clip has to O'Brien's story "How to Tell a True War Story." How are O'Brien and Colbert's purposes different? How are they similar?

Your homework is to handwrite a Type 1 writing (to be turned in on Monday, September 26) where you personally respond to these two texts -- O'Brien's and Colbert's. 15 lines or more. Skip lines.

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