Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Communication Station

Some people enjoy using good old fashion snail mail; me, the internet. The thing I like the most about technology is the ability to communicate. It isn't that paper, stamps, envelopes, and pens are cumbersome, but it costs money, and technology is just so much easier. I go to a summer camp where many of my best friends go, as well. Unfortunately, I live in a different city than a lot of them. Facebook is great for connecting with them and talking to them daily. I feel like I am actually part of their lives for more than three weeks. I also love the ability to video chat with them so I can see them practically face to face. I miss them so much during the year, and the aid of technology helps me be able to see them and talk to them more during the year. We always post on each others walls and then chat with each other on Facebook chat. We can both also see each others pictures. When I first got a Facebook, I was the annoying kid who would post a status every five minutes (literally) and I would post pictures from every single thing I had ever done in my entire life. It was awful! People would be like "You need to calm down." I have most definitely gotten better about that. I love Facebook and the ability to communicate over the internet.

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